Another interesting DB – distributed multi-node Postgres. Has CE (Github) and EE install options. And a SaaS option via AWS.

Upcoming talk at DataEngCong

Some clippings:

What is Citus?

  • Open-source PostgreSQL extension (not a fork)
  • Scalable across multiple machines through sharding and replication
  • Distributed engine for query parallelization
  • Database designed to scale multi-tenant applications

Citus is a distributed database that scales across commodity servers using transparent sharding and replication. Citus extends the underlying database rather than forking it, giving developers and enterprises the power and familiarity of a relational database. As an extension, Citus supports new PostgreSQL releases, and allows you to benefit from new features while maintaining compatibility with existing PostgreSQL tools. Source

Citus Cloud helps when you have a need to scale your database beyond a single node, often beginning as early as 10 GBs of data—and allowing you to scale to 100s of Terabytes. Source

And the instructions at the install doc works perfectly.