The Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2017 is an interesting set of results. Here are some of my personal observations (based on technologies I care about / work with / am interested to work with).

Some definitions first:

  • Loved: % of developers who are developing with the language or technology and have expressed interest in continuing to develop with it
  • Dreaded: % of developers who are developing with the language or technology but have not expressed interest in continuing to do so

Programming languages

I quote directly:

For the fifth year in a row, JavaScript was the most commonly used programming language. And once again, SQL takes second place, and Java third. However, the use of Python overtook PHP for the first time in five years.


  • Redis and PostgreSQL are the most loved databases. I can understand why.
  • 63% of Oracle developers dread it.
  • MySQL and SQLite are both at around 50% on the Dreaded / Wanted polls


  • Amongst the most loved platforms are: (1). Linux desktop (70%), (3). AWS (65%) and (7). Microsoft Azure (61%) [Azure was surprising to me (my experience with Azure relative to AWS was not great]
  • 70% of Salesforce developers dread it. What do people develop on Salesforce? I use it as a CRM, and for project management.
  • 64% of Wordpress developers dread it. I can imagine.

Frameworks, Libraries and Other Technologies

  • 62% of Node.js developers love it (this is around the highest love anyone got in this category)
  • 60 % of Spark developers love it and 40% dread it
  • 50% of Hadoop developers dread it