I started using RStudio BookDown to develop documentation for SciDB insight API.

The template has a _deploy.sh script that depends on setting of a Github PAT (personal access token). The script also uses the token to push to gh_pages branch of the repo (so that documentation built by travis is uploaded automatically). See code snippet below:

From here

git clone -b gh-pages https://${GITHUB_PAT}@github.com/${TRAVIS_REPO_SLUG}.git book-output

How do you set GITHUB_PAT?

  1. First create a personal access token at Github developer settings

  2. When you generate the token, make sure to add repo or repo/public_repo privilege (based on whether your repo is private or public). See more scope rules here

  3. Next, the token must be set as an environment variable named GITHUB_PAT in Travis CI settings for your repo

  • https://travis-ci.org///settings
  • or in my case, https://travis-ci.org/Paradigm4/insight-docs/settings


My main motivation for setting this up is that anyone can now head over to the blog website, and start editing via the Edit button.

Edit button

with which anyone in the world can edit via Github, start pull requests, and all that good stuff.

start editing