There seems to be tons of interest in EEG right now. Dabo-Med sums it up quite well:

“EEG - reviving a classic”

And then there is the news that Elon Musk founded a company called NeuraLink that will work on connecting the human mind with AI. Their device might use some EEG techniques too.

Here I capture some interesting recent developments in the world of portable EEG.


emotiv has two portable EEG models. The first one has 10-15 sensors, and the promo video shows that it can be used to track patient mental health, and to control drones / other connected devices. Their second model has fewer sensors and looks less invasive. It was backed by a Kickstarter campaign that raised $1.5 million.

emotiv’s summary:

Open your mind to – Brainwear, Performance, Peace, Control

Holy crap! Control and Peace do not typically go together, do they?

Standards for EEG data

Authors of the paper, “Preparing Laboratory and Real-World EEG Data for Large-Scale Analysis: A Containerized Approach”, use a file based schema but introduce a standardized schema and metadata tagging format.

They have also uploaded ~1 TB of EEG data. That’s a nice start :)

Open source software for EEG

There are tons out there. Some interesting ones: